Sylvain CATHALA - tenor saxophone

Sarah MURCIA - doublebass

Christophe LAVERGNE - drums


Created in 2005, ROLEX is PRINT leader Sylvain Cathala’s new group.
It comprises Sarah Murcia (contrabass), Christophe Lavergne (drums), Sylvain Cathala (saxophone) and plays Sylvain Cathala’s compositions. Together, they elaborate a rich and fluid music, powerful and sophisticated, whose poetry moves you right from the first notes. As interested in rhythmic play as in harmony and present forms, this trio develops a collective play, independent from the notion of soloist.

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Sound Rider (ROLEX) : in attachement


Noire Lumière, ROLEX, short feature film by W. Fonrose, 2007

Stage references

Abroad : Flagey 2009 (Bruxelles, Belgium), Festival DIMAJAZZ 2007 (Constantine, Algeria), Festival ASSIMAJAZZ 2007 (Alger, Algeria)
France : Festival Jazzèbre 2008 (Perpignan), Festival des Arts Vivants - le 20ième en Culture, Festival Sophie aime l’Ogresse, Jazz Tempo (Longeville sur Mer), La Vapeur (Dijon), Cave Dîmière (Argenteuil), L'Olympic Café, 9 Billards, Théâtre de l’Ogresse, Showroom Henri Selmer…


Master Classe CNR Perpignan (2008), Master Classe Constantine (Algeria)...

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